Big Horn Tree and Shrub Care Services

servicesimgLiquid Root Feed

Big Horn Tree and Shrub Care evaluates and designs the right fertilizer mixture for your plants using Doggetts products, chelated iron and bio-stimulants for the best results.

Systemic Treatments

Systemic treatments are used to control pests that are harmful to your trees and plants such as aphids, bronze birch borer, emerald ash borer, and European elm scale. We treat Oystershell Scale and Pine Needle Scale for two consecutive years for 100% control.

Spray Programs

We offer preventative sprays for mountain pine beetle and ips beetle.  We also offer spraying services for Aphid, Spidermites, and fungus diseases such as needlecast in spruce.

Plant Health Care Visit

We inspect and treat infected trees and shrubs for aphid or mite damage. By only treating infected plants we help keep beneficial insects from being harmed
during the treatment

Dormant Oil Sprays

We use biologically safe spray that smothers insect eggs which helps reduce the population of aphids and mites.

Transfilm Spray

This treatment is a wax applied to evergreens in late fall to help with winter desiccation.

Tree Pruning and Consultation

We offer small tree and shrub pruning services as well as care consultations to our clients.

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